Club Rule



1. IRC rules to be followed by members and admins diligently.

2. Kindly behave politely to other fellow riders. Using foul language and abusing based on region, religion, caste, gender or physical disability in group chat or in person is not appreciated.

3. Riding Gears are mandatory for every official club ride.

4. Admin team’s decision will be final and should be valued.

5. Bike criteria: Breakfast ride any bike of 150cc and above. Long rides  200cc and above.

6. The responsibility of Lead, Marshall, Sweep, and finance SPOC for any ride will be allocated to experienced riders by the admin team.

7. If anyone is in a profession, where their job is to conduct rides OR having his own club. He\She should not be the member of IRC until he is relieved from that club. It’s a Conflict of Interest.

8. IRC members are requested not to create any rides on their own with other IRC members. All are welcome to create rides after discussing with the admin team. Personal\solo rides with friends and family are exempted.

9. IRC members should avoid posting non-IRC rides Photos & Videos in any of the IRC groups.

10. Breakfast ride expenses: Individuals have to pay their own expenses like breakfast, tea, parking etc.

11. Long Ride expenses: Before the ride admin team will share the rough amount which individuals have to transfer to the admin team’s SPOC. SPOC from the admin team or duly assigned by the admin team for that ride will pay all expenses like parking, common breakfast, dinner, entry fee, etc. Other Personal expenses like pastry, juices etc. to be borne by riders respectively. It is requested that all riders pay the balance amount if any at the dispersal point to avoid further confusions/follow-ups.

12. Those who have completed one year with IRC are eligible to use IRC Flag and those who have completed six months can use IRC club patches. Exception’s for riders nominated by the admin team. (Follow IRC guidelines for patch & flag)

13. Any Confusion or conflict Admin team decision is valued.