Riding Rule

Riding Rule

  1. Headlights should be used by all riders
  2. Foglight to be used only by Lead and Sweep
  3. Hazard light to be used by only lead, sweep and Marshall
  4. Hand signals initiated by ride Lead should be passed to a person riding back of you and eventually reach sweep
  5. All have to follow lane discipline like single, double and staggered formations initiated by ride lead
  6. Riding gears for rider and pillion is mandatory. Full face helmet, gloves, elbow and knee guard, boots covering ankle are minimum required.
  7. During the ride, if there is any vehicle fault or health issue, riders should inform Marshall or Sweep immediately
  8. Ride Lead will decide the riding speed according to the road conditions, which all the riders have to follow.
  9. If there is an issue with the vehicle to maintain speed up to80- 90km 0n highway. Riders should inform the ride Lead in the starting point itself
  10. If someone has to leave the ride halfway, its mandatory to inform sweep or Marshall
  11. Ride expenses to be followed as per club rules.
  12. Riders are not allowed to break the line formation to take photos and videos. Exception for those who are allotted by the admin team
  13. Those in a hurry to reach home after the ride due to personal reasons should inform the ride lead or ride caption before start point so that the Ride Caption can advise whether to include them or not.

Things To Carry:

  1. Spare Tube
  2. Cables (Accelerator & Clutch)
  3. Spark plug
  4. Fuse
  5. Chain Link Lock
  6. 1/2 litre Engine Oil
  7. Bike Age / Specific Requirement

Have a safe and enjoyable ride.